Empower yourself!
Co-create your dream vacation with à la carte Naia Voyages
Discover the Big Island of Hawaii with your personal local guide.
Build your vacation by length, budget and interests.

Choose the length.
Full or half-day excursions or several days/weeks itineraries.

We adapt to your budget
• Choose from luxurious to affordable accommodations to fit your bugget.
• Experience the joy of swimming with dolphins in a secluded bay only known to locals
• Charter a boat to swim with dolphins in the open ocean.
• Includes training/teaching and special ceremonies in your itinerary/day excursion
• or specify a "transparent" guide who only takes care of the logistics.
• Transportation to and from each acticity or/and site or we use your own.
• Include as many meals as you want in your itinerary or get your own.

Pick a theme that fits your personality. Mix themes or invent your own!
• Adventure for the physically fit on land and/or in water.
• Explorer at heart with slower pace and less or no physical challenges.
• Spiritually minded who want explore the island's cultural secrets.
• Spiritually minded seeking personal awakening

Enjoy the expertize of our master healer and teacher to include:
• Spiritual teaching and ceremonies at the sacred site or as a workshop
• Energy medicine healing sessionsat the sacred site or as a workshop
• Shamanic healing and ceremonies at the sacred site or as a workshop
• Massage, Reiki and Jin Shin Juytsu (acupuncture without needle) treatments
• Qi Gong practice and meditation at the sacred site or as a workshop

Add an evening workshops to your vacation
• Experience a past life group regression and quantum jump into the future
  This is a fun and easy way to get a taste of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ and Quantum Jumping.
• Expand and master your awareness with the use of rythm and breath.
 We will journey into non ordinary reality for wisdom and self healing.
• Explore the realm of your dream and get some insight into your psyche.
• Check out how psychic your really are with fun and easy exercse to develp your abilities.
• Swim in the champagne pool at night and expereince a Lemurian Hydropathic Healing™.
• Receive a one-on-one Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ session with certified QHHT practicioner
• Meditation: Experience Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, Oneness, Unconditional Love...
• Journey in the multiverse to gain knowledge and wisdom from your twin selves
• Access our Super Conscious to experience healing, peace of mind, wisdom and unconditional love.